MACEDONIA on December 1944

On 28 December 1944, over the Macedonian free sky, at about 10 a.m., for the first time, from the big hall of the Assembly the Macedonian, words swam over the air waves. The following words were heard: Speaking Radio Skopje! This meant that the Macedonian language officially started to be applied in the everyday life in Macedonia. The words were uttered for the first time by the then Director of Radio Skopje and famous Macedonian writer and novelist Vlado Maleski. He published several novels and short stories and was the author of the Macedonian national anthem “Denes nad Makedonija” and of the script for the first Macedonian movie, “Frosina“.

The theatre building for many citizens of Skopje will remain the monument of the love and will bring back the beautiful memories of their youth days. The building of the National theatre building started in 1921. The construction was done under very complicated circumstances. The original plan and architects were changed several times. Finally, the opening ceremony was done on 26 October 1927.