Ден на наука УКИМ


Во рамки на традиционалното одбележување на Светскиот ден на науката за мир и развој, на Универзитетот „Св. Кирил и Методиј“ во Скопје, на 11 ноември 2016 година (петок) со почеток во 11:00 часот се одржа изложба на научни публикации од типот на: научни монографии, прегледни трудови во научни списанија, оригинални научни трудови и печатени трудови во зборници од конференции, при што посебен акцент беше даден на трудовите објавени на Англиски јазик, трудовите објавени во странство, како и трудовите објавени во видни научни списанија. Секоја единица на УКИМ беше поканета и имаше свој штанд, па така и Земјоделскиот институт – Скопје зема учество со над 30 претставени научни публикации, под насловите:

Од областа на овоштарството:

  1. Chemical and physical properties of early, mid-time and late ripening apricot cultivars – E. Mratinic, B. Popovski, T. Milosevic, M. Popovska;
  2. Investigation of the possibility for production of some stone fruit rootstocks by rooting cuttings – A. Markovski, M. Popovska, V. Gjamovski;
  3. Vegetative characteristics of decreased vigorousness cherry plants, a primary effect product of gamma radiation (CZ137) – M. Popovska, B. Popovski, N. Christov;
  4. Main physical properties of wild apricot selected in Macedonia – E. Mratinic, B. Popovski, T. Milosevic, M. Popovska;
  5. Investigation of the morphometric characteristics of jujube types (Zizyphus jujube Mill.) fruits in Republic of Macedonia;
  6. Evaluation of some cherry varieties grafted on Gisela 5 rootstock – V. Gjamovski, M. Kiprijanovski, T. Arsov;
  7. Comparison of different extraction solvents for assay of the polyphenol content in the peel and pulp of apple cultivars from Macedonia – A. Petkovska, V. Gjamovski, M. Stefova;

Од областа на педологијата:

  1. Prediction of vulnerability of field crops production in South-East region of Macedonia affected by climate changes – Z. Dimov, D. Mukaetov, O. Cukaliev, E. Poposka;
  2. Effects of foliar fertilization on microelements in maize leaf – H. Poposka, M. Stojanova, D. Mukaetov, S. Manasievska-Simik, M. Andreevski, T. Sekuloska-Simonovikj;
  3. Effect of foliar fertilization on corn grain quality –  H. Poposka, M. Stojanova, D. Mukaetov, M. Andreevski, M. Manevska-Kolevski;
  4. The influence of Fe-chelates fertilizers on the soft wheat’s quality – M. Menkinoska, I. Gjorgoski, S. Manasievska-Simic, V. Pavlova, Z. Popeska, V. Stanoev, T. Blazevska, H. Poposka, N. Gjorgovska, V. Levkov;
  5. Modeling of soil run-off in Golema River catchment – D. Mukaetov, M. Andreevski, T. Sekuloski, H. Poposka, I. Mincev;
  6. Influence of foliar fertilizing on stomata parameters in maize leaf (Zea mays L.) – H. Poposka, S. Manasieva-Simikj, M. Stojanova, D. Mukaetov;
  7. Content of heavy metals in soils formed on limestone and dolomites on Jablanica Mountain – M. Andreevski, D. Mukaetov, S. Hristovski, H. Poposka;
  8. Cation exchange capacity of hydromorphic black soils in Pelagonija – D. Mukaetov, M. Andreevski, H. Poposka;

Од областа на заштитата на растенијата:

  1. Influence of herbicides on number of grain per spike at some barley varieties depend on the growth stages – G. Glatkova;
  2. Influence of some herbicides on barley spike length depend on the growth stages – G. Glatkova;
  3. Weed control in green beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) with soil-applied herbicides – Z. Pacanoski, G. Glatkova;

Од областа на градинарството:

  1. Genetic diversity of commоn bean accessions from Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia as revealed by molecular and morphological markers – M. Maras, A. Ibushoska, S. Kratovalieva, R. Agic, J. Shushtar-Vozlic, V. Meglic;
  2. Examination of genetic diversity of common bean from the Western Balkans – M. Maras, B. Pipan, J. Shushtar-Vozlic, V. Todorovic, G. Djuric, M. Vasic, S. Kratovalieva, A. Ibushoska, R. Agic, Z. Matocan, T. Cupic, V. Meglic;
  3. Variability of fruit antioxidant activity of old varieties and landraces of peppers (Capsicum annuum L.) from Balkan region – B. Ristovska, V. Abrahamova, J. Brindza;
  4. Variability of flower traits in some heirloom pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) varieties from South-Eastern Balkan region – B. Ristovska, J. Brindza, V. Abrahamova, R. Agic;

Од областа на лозарството и винарството:

  1. Targeted analysis of bioactive phenolic compounds and antioxidant activity of Macedonian red wines – V. Ivanova-Petropulos, A. Ricci, D. Nedelkovski, V. Dimovska, G. P. Parpinello, A. Versari;
  2. Application of grape pomace as a natural food preservative and source of biofuel –  V. Ivanova-Petropulos, Z. Andonovic, D. Nedelkovski, K. Tasev, K. Beleski;
  3. Application of k0-method of neutron activation analysis for determination of trace elements in various mineral samples – R. Jacimovic, T. Stafilov, V. Stibilj, M. Taseska, P. Makreski;
  4. Determination of trace elements in some copper minerals by k0-neutron activation analysis – M. Taseska, R. Jacimovic, V. Stibilj, T. Stafilov, P. Makreski, G. Jovanovski;
  5. Is extraction of Fe from iron based reference materials an appropriate method for determination of trace elements? – M. Taseska, P. Makreski, V. Stibilj, R. Jacimovic, T. Stafilov;
  6. Determination of trace elements in some arsenic minerals by atomic emission spectrometry with inductively coupled plasma after matrix removal – M. Taseska, T. Stafilov, K. Baceva;
  7. Optimization and validation of a microwave digestion method for multi-element characterization of Vranec wines – V. Ivanova-Petropulos, B. Balabanova, S. Mitrev, D. Nedelkovski, V. Dimovska, R. Gulaboski;
  8. Determination of Pb and Cd in Macedonian wines by electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry (ETAAS) – V. Ivanova-Petropulos, S. Jakabova, D. Nedelkovski, V. Pavlik, Z. Balazova, O. Hegedus;

Од областа на агроекономијата и руралниот развој:

  1. Causes and consequences of migration and deagrarization in rural areas in the Republic of Macedonia – J. Azderski, D. Popovska;
  2. Development and implementation of a sustainable system of management adjusted to the rural economy – J. Azderski, E. Tuna, D. Popovska, Z. Pejkovski, D. Bosev;
  3. Condition and production characteristics of sheep and goat breeding in the area at the confluence of the river Bregalnica – J. Azderski, D. Popovska;
  4. Impact of the crisis in the wine sector on the performances and financial status of wineries in the Republic of Macedonia – D. Popovska, I. Janeska-Stamenkovska, D. Dimitrievski.