Personal information
Hristina Poposka, M.Sc
UKIM Institute of Agriculture Skopje
Department of soil science and plant nutrition
Aleksandar Makedonski bb, 1000 Skopje
Tel: +389 2 3230910
Fax:+389 2 3114283

Academic qualifications
2007. – M. Sc.
UKIM Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Food Skopje
Influence of foliar fertilizing on yield and quality of corn in the area of Skopje
2005. – B. Sc.
UKIM Faculty of Agriculture Skopje

Training and research experience
3th International Course on Sustainable Management of Soil and Water Resources. UTAEM.Izmir, Turkey
Regional Training Course on Cytogenetics and in-vitro Techniques in Mutagenesis of Crop Plants and radiation-mediated Reconstruction of Plant Genome, (IAEA) . Sofia, Bulgaria
International Student Course on Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM). Durus, Albania

Employment and work experience
2011. – now
UKIM Institute of Agriculture Skopje
2005. – 2011.
UKIM Faculty of Agricultural Sciencies and Food, Skopje

Research interests
Plant physiology
Plant nutrition
Fertilizers and fertilizing
Foliar fertilizing

Adaptation to climate change in agriculture
2006.-2009. Interdisciplinary assessment of water resources management in two transboundary lakes in South Eastern Europe (DRIMON). University St. Cyril and Methodius, Institute for Agriculture, Skopje, R. Macedonia, associate
2004.-2006. Germplasm characterization of wheat mutant population concerning wheat quality by using molecular markers”. University St. Cyril and Methodius, Faculty of Agriculture, Skopje, R. Macedonia, associate

Scientific publications
M. Andreevski, Julijana Cvetković, D. Mukaetov, Hristina Popovska (2011) Content of some heavy metals in rigosols in the area of Kocani. Plant protection, Vol. XXII, Skopje.

Andreevski M., Mukaetov D., Cvetković Julijana, Popovska Hristina, Sekuloska Tijana (2010): Content of total forms heavy metals in some soil typies in the area of Resen. Plant protection, Vol. XXI, (page 67-72), Skopje.

Petkovski D., Poposka Hristina, Genezis and properties of vertisola from the area of Slavisko Pole. Anniversary yearbook of the Institute of agriculture – Skopje. vol.XXVI/XXVII (page 197-207).

Marjan Andreevski, Dusko Mukaetov, Julijana Cvetković, Aleksandar Trendafilov, Ordan Cukaliev, Hristina Poposka, Tijana Sekuloska (2009). Remediation of flotation of copper mine ,,Bucim’’ Radovis. Soil protection activities and soil quality monitoring in South Eastern Europe. Sarajevo, Bosna and Herzegovina.

Andreevski M., Cvetković Julijana, Mukaetov D., Popovska Hristina, Sekuloska Tijana, Petkovski D. (2009): Content of some heavy metals in vertisols in the area of Negotino. Plant protection, Vol. XX, (page 133-136), Skopje.

Andreevski M., Cvetković Julijana, Poposka Hristina, Mukaetov D., Petkovski D., Vasilevski K. (2008): Content of heavy metals (Fe, Cr and Ni) of rigosols distributed in the area of metalwork FENI. Proceedings, III Congress of Ecologists of the Republic of Macedonia, with International Participation, Struga, 06-09. 10 2007. Macedonian Ecological Society, (page 375-380), Skopje.

D. Mukaetov, M. Andreevski, T. Sekuloska, H. Poposka , I. Mincev (2012): Modeling of Soil Run-off in Golema River Catchment. BALWOIS 2012 – Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia – 28 May, 2 June 2012.

D. Mukaetov, Silvana Stevkova, Suzana Alcinova Monevska,
Aleksandra Atanasovska, Hristina Poposka (2012): Use of ISAREG Model as Approach for Optimization of Irrigation
Scheduling of Maize. BALWOIS 2012 – Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia – 28 May, 2 June 2012.